Hawaii Sign Language

This course provides students with basic information about and basic skills in Hawaii Sign Language (HSL), a critically endangered language isolate that developed independently of all other known languages.

Sewing Class

Join instructor Linda Lambrecht as she teaches participants how to use the sewing machine properly and effectively. We have two sewing machine to share. Please bring sewing accessories if you have at home.

People Skills

The People Skills class is an introductory course designed to prepare Deaf adults for success on the job and in their personal lives.

Parent Power Workshop

This fun interactive workshop will equip and empower you with practical ready-to-use LSL strategies, as well as sharing books to improve your child’s listening, spoken language and literacy skills.

Let’s Get Practical: Coaching Parents to Implement Listening and Spoken Language Strategies and Techniques

This interactive workshop will move beyond coaching theory and focus on practical and ready to implement home-based strategies to coach parents of deaf and hard-of-hearing children in promoting listening and spoken language (LSL) skills. Through videotape excerpts and small group

Shared Reading Saturday

Trained deaf tutors will show parents how to read books to their children in ASL. Reading aloud builds vocabulary, increases reading comprehension and inspires a love of language and literacy.

Community ASL Class

Instructor Galinda Goss-Kuehn takes students through the Bravo American Sign Language (ASL) curriculum.

Hearing Aid Care & Cleaning

Please join us at our workshop titled “Hearing Aid Care & Cleaning” presented by CSC’s very own Jennifer Tarnay, SLP. She will be teaching hearing aid users how to properly care for and clean their hearing aids.

Tactile Games and Dinner

Learn about Usher’s Syndrome from Kon Davis as he shares about his experiences, frustrations, and successes.