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2. Work & Skill Goals

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BasicReceptive SkillsExpressive SkillsConceptualConversationalGrammar

Writing/GrammarMoney/Basic ComputationTime/ScheduleUnderstanding What You ReadVocabularyOther

Understanding How to Use Kitchen Utensils & MeasurementsReading/Understanding RecipesKitchen SafetyCommunicationFood Care

RulesSignsCar Maintenance

Basic NutritionStress Management TechniquesBenefits of Physical FitnessDietingComparison of FoodsCommunity Health ServicesSigns & SymptomsSkin Care (face, neck, arms, legs, feet)Basic Facial Cleansing

Basic Computer SkillsE-mailInternetiPad/TabletsSmartphonesOther

Cultural AwarenessReadiness ActivitiesQuestions/Conversational SkillsCommunication StrategiesReal-Life Situation ActivitiesOther

For funTo get a jobTo keep busyNo reason

3. Skills Background

Grade Levels. For example: Grade 5. If you don't know, leave it blank.

I can fill out personal information on formsI write 2-3 word sentencesI write simple sentencesI can write paragraphs that people can understand

I use gestures/home signsI use PSEI know basic signsI am a skilled ASL signer

4. Education Background

Middle SchoolHigh School (Certificate)High School (Diploma)Vocational TrainingCommunity College (AA)4-Year College (BA)

5. Work History

Please tell us about your last two jobs